Saturday, June 2, 2007

THN: Goal Breakdown-Wings Vs. Ducks (WCF)

In a segment called Goal Breakdown, THN anaylzed where on the ice the Ducks scored against Detroit and where in the net they put it:

Through five games of the Western final, the Ducks weren't picky when it came to trying to score on Wings goalie Dominik Hasek. But that changed in Game 6 when Anaheim found a spot it liked, and went with it. The Ducks scored all four goals with shots on the ice: three of which were due to Hasek being out of position and Detroit's defense not getting to rebounds.

The Ducks made their presence felt around the net as only one goal, Getzlaf's Game 4 winner, came from beyond the top of the faceoff circles. Only one goal all series, a Rob Niedermeyer deflection off a Pronger blast in Game 6, was tipped in.

I made a diagram, since none was available on the internet:

(click for a larger view)

Goal Key:
1. Game 1-Kunitz scores off the rush
2. Game 2-Rob Niedermeyer one-times quick pass
3. Game 2-McDonald knocks in rebound, barely
4. Game 2-Moen's shot slides in on top of Hasek
5. Game 2-Scott Niedermeyer snipes after pass from brother Rob
6. Game 4-Perry blasts it in far side
7. Game 4-Jackman 28-foot wrister
8. Game 4-Selanne golfs bouncing puck
9. Game 4-Getzlaf's long wrister find top shelf
10. Game 4-Rob Niedermeyer empty-netter
11. Game 5-Scott Niedermeyer's shot deflects of Lidstrom's stick
12. Game 5-Selanne OT backhander after Lilja turnover
13. Game 6-Rob Niedermeyer deflects Pronger blast
14. Game 6-Perry pots rebound
15. Game 6-Getzlaf scores in scrum
16. Game 6-Pahlsson buries rebound

Goals 14, 15 and 16 illlustrate my point that I made in the my blog Net Front Domination: One Reason Why The Wings Lost. These three goals were scored in a scrum or a rebound that landed next to, or underneath, our goalie. Dom was out of position on the first goal in Game 6, as the article states. But it also states something that was painfully obvious--that the Detroit defense was unable to clear the rebounds, clear the crease or neutralize the Ducks in front.

There is another illustration in the magazine that shows where on the ice the Ducks players scored from. 6 goals came from directly in or on the edge of the crease. And as the article states, only one goal came from behind the face off circles. Every goal but one was concentrated in the faceoff circles, between the hash marks or directly in front of Dom.

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